We design and build sustainable homes tailored to your lifestyle.


The first commercial Passive-Certified Building in North America.


Thoughtfully pre-designed and created as socially conscious homes - this line is Passive certifiable, ready for permit, and carry Tree's Signature for healthy, happy dwellings.


A functional high-performance design is our priority. Using sustainable building techniques and Passive house standards, we can build for our children's children.


We build Passive homes for our customers by collaborating with our team of professionals to ensure sustainability and quality.

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Architectural, Interior, and Conceptual Design

At Tree Construction, we work to incorporate scientifically proven studies and theories of psychology and neuroscience into the architecture and interior design of our buildings in order to create spaces that are mentally and emotionally positive. 

Sustainable Building Solutions and Products

We believe a building should protect your family from external influences that may adversely affect their well-being and actively promote good health. See our catalogue of performance building products to protect your investment and safeguard your occupants.

Passive House

A Passive House is a building that is truly energy-efficient, comfortable, and affordable all at the same time. It is not a brand name, but a tried, tested, and true construction concept that can be applied by anyone, anywhere. 

Consulting and Project Management

Offering effective management and construction support services for feasibility, planning, consulting and permitting of projects both urban and remote.  Our careful analysis of project goals and environmental factors contributes to synergistic solutions. This is a part of our forward-thinking philosophy.

General Contracting

Overall coordination of a project from concept to completion. Delivering cultural, institutional, commercial, residential and energy projects. Building unique and one-of-a-kind projects that ensure sustainability and socially conscious construction methods are chosen and delivered.

Residential and Commercial Construction

Integrated Project Delivery. Whether it's a kit delivery, a high performance shell as a semi-finished construction or as a turnkey; our project managers will accompany your construction project with the greatest care, competence and perfectly coordinated time management. 

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We are creators, designers, visionaries, and carpenters. We play music, dance, teach and build. We play in the mountains and the plains; in the oceans and the rivers. We contribute to a better earth by focusing on our impact on the planet. This impact shapes and directs our decisions at Tree. Our focus is on healthy and efficient homes through conservation.


Answering the question – ‘What is sustainability?’ There are many solutions to this riddle, but at the root is safeguarding our resources so we do not negatively impact future generations’ ability to sustain life.

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