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 The roofline and the double-story glazing is a grand gesture to the Monashee mountains 

'The Bergblick Haus (Mountain View House in German) focused on three design aspects: capturing nature , creating privacy , and utilizing high performance architecture.

Nature— the corner lot has great exposure to Mt Begbie and the Monashee mountain range on which the structure reacts with the big gesture of the curtain wall. The roof is pitched and opening towards this view as well, allowing for a more than two-story high glass feature that not only captures the view but also makes the transition from outside to inside quite fluid. The outdoors become part of the living space. Open and airy architecture lets the resident experience the other stunning peaks that line the whole valley with views from almost every area in the house.
Privacy-- Inviting nature into the living space means big openings and a lot of glass - but the house still offers a lot of privacy to its residents. The position on the lot allows for a large backyard and we were able to set the house back from the street and utilize lush bushes and trees to invoke natural privacy yet still strategically place windows to guarantee spectacular views. There is also a fully separate rental suite seamlessly tied into the design.
Performance-- Like all Tree houses, this one is both highly sustainable and healthy. Healthy for the planet and healthy for its residents. Exceptional performance was achieved through a few assembly features that have become staples at Tree, namely the prefabricated framing structure of CLT panels (cross laminated timber) insulated with woodfibre.


Bold yet elegant, we're proud to say this Passive mountain home will surely be timeless in both design and energy performance.


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