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Lítí Fluga House



An affordable starter home for the energy-conscious.

This was our first project solely built off site, and delivered as a prefabricated assembly. Forging innovation and willing to make mistakes, we managed to build one of the walls backwards. Fortunately the ‘manufacturing facility’ was only 4 blocks away. A quick turn around kept the project on track, and careful notes were made to never repeat the same mistake again!

Free from the distractions caused by inclement weather in Revelstoke’s shoulder season, we could build on the clock, and work on foundations at the same time as super structure. A compact and simple floor plan, efficient shape and optimized window orientation bring this house to life. Closely working with the client to use locally sourced natural materials to finish the interior kept the costs low, and gave the owner a greater sense of pride and ownership. A simple exterior façade was selected with the emphasis to use landscape and greenery to amplify the simple lines.

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