Build the process you need.

Tree Construction’s flexible Design and Construction approach creates the opportunity to join the process at multiple stages based upon your construction requirements. From original concept to finely crafted finish detail, we provide a highly personalized experience ensuring a home tailored precisely to your lifestyle.

Tree Construction’s flexible Design and Construction approach creates the opportunity to join the process at multiple stages based upon your construction requirements

01 — IDEA
03 — BUILD

01 — IDEA

We help you turn your ideas and your lifestyle into concepts


Initial meeting is setup to meet and greet each other. We want to get to know you and your family to gain an understanding of how you would like your home to perform, from form to function.

Meeting Summary

After the consultation we will send you an email which reviews the meeting and our interpretation of your needs. This is an opportunity for you to review our discussion points and ensure we are on the right track.


Ideas are compiled and shared through pictures, words and a simple checklist drafted from a Pattern Language. This approach initiates a line of systemic or holistic thinking, that views the project as a whole of interconnected parts, coming together as a home or project. A concept is presented, which leads into the design phase.

Maison de Terre - [Coming Soon]


Form your ideas into designs

Design Phase

This phase is characterized by an integrated design process (IDP) where the primary goal is sustainability and energy efficiency. A structure that highlights issues early in the design phase through collaboration of architect and engineer, inclusion of owner to operator, and key trades, gears the project for efficient and economic design.

Master Plan

A fully rendered concept, plan, and blueprint are presented explaining all of the building’s features, alternative energy solutions, performance goals, and vision.

Trinity Point - [Coming Soon]
Veccio e Nuovo -

03 — BUILD

Build to fit your lifestyle.


Plans are submitted to municipal authorities for permitting, and time-frames are discussed based on project goals. The transition from design to construction is explained along with a review of the project estimate and contract. Underground utilities are marked, hazards are identified, and a site safety meeting is conducted. A site survey and layout of future building is done either in-house, or if required by a certified land surveyor.

Site Preparation

Site organization of tool trailers, access and material placement is arranged. Demolition and/or Excavation commence. Pending site conditions, retaining walls or landscaping is completed to maximize site conditions and streamline construction.


Our construction process uses innovative techniques and building performance guidelines outlined in the Passive House standard for construction.


Our crew cleans regularly and thoroughly to ensure trades can work efficiently and uninterrupted. Upon completion, we balance and commission all mechanical and energy components, and ensure the homeowner is well equipped to operate and adjust these systems.