Functional high-performance design is our priority.

Sustainablity at the center of our approach.

Tree Construction takes a holistic approach to sustainable building, where comfort and energy-efficiency inform all aspects of our builds - from the initial concept to the completion of construction. These considerations extend far beyond what meets the eye to structural elements:

  • continuous thermal envelope
  • optimal indoor air quality
  • thermal comfort
  • beautiful acoustics

Suppliers adhere to rigorous environmental standards, including: facilities with reduced energy requirements, reusable manufacturing waste and recyclable product packaging

Seamless insulation to achieve Passive certification for energy conservation and temperature regulation efficiency

Shou-Sugi Ban exterior siding offers natural resistance to fire, vermin, & decay with minimal upkeep, giving you time to focus on things in life that really matter

Specifically selected Cross Laminated Timber walls & roof provide comfortable acoustics and conform with Passive building standards

Layout of house maximizes sunlight exposure in the winter through smart window orientation, and provides shading in the summer through a carefully planned overhanging roof


Efficient building makes
sense - simple as that.

Following simplified techniques and passive certifiable construction assemblies, the trifecta of Tree culminates with attention to detail and quality. This quality is controlled through a careful apprenticeship program and training, along with long term mentoring. Monitoring and managing all aspects of a project while utilizing our network of suppliers and trades maintains a heightened attention to detail.

Perfecting the details is paramount to the success of a passive certified building. The Passive Institute performs a certification on all passive homes, so you can be comforted in knowing your house is certifiably eco-friendly!


Our processes are intentional -
Reduce / Reuse / Recycle.

The health of occupants within our buildings is supported by the health of the natural environment. We elect to work with products and companies that have a strong ethos for:

  • environmental stewardship
  • positive bio-feedback loops
  • zero waste facilities

These are the core focus for the material selection, composition, and assembly of a Tree Home, Tree Cabin, Tree Office, or Tree Building. The forests of the world are the lungs of the planet; emphasizing this important resource guides our conversations and our designs.

Our approach uses advanced materials, technology and design to reduce the energy requirements of the building, rather than focusing solely on bolt-on technologies like solar panels and efficient appliances.


The best of the best -
Materials to last.

Carefully selected building materials with low pollutant emission profiles are the preference at Tree. A focus on wood construction assemblies - including our insulation and an air-tight construction - are the complete solution for our passive houses. With perfect heat retention free from harmful substances, a naturally healthy home is achieved. Technology combined with ecological construction effectively contribute to a better quality of life.


Design layout with
sustainability in mind

Functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics: we're always using these design principles to create an efficient use of space. Our floor plans are simple and effective in minimizing waste and maximizing comfort. We incorporate natural light as much as possible. Interior layouts and architecture go hand-in-hand with building orientation and window placement to maximize solar gains in the winter and avoid overheating in the summer.

Trinity Point - [Coming Soon]


The air you breathe & the
chemicals in your house

A healthy home is the foundation to a happy life. Holistically thinking and constantly innovating, our aim to have a 100% healthy home that can be air quality tested. The people at Tree know they cannot instantly change the world but want to make it better. Inhale, exhale, and enjoy life.