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GHT | Geothermal technologies

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A brine defroster is a ground heat exchanger that has been developed to be used with ventilation units. During cold winter months the brine defroster will prevent the ventilation unit from freezing and damaging, while during the hot summer months it will cool the incoming air and generate a pleasant indoor air environment. A "GHT" brine defroster uses a geothermal heat collector which transfers geothermal heat from the ground to the air in the ventilation system. 

The unit as a whole (heat exchanger with “A” class circulation pumps and safety unit in an insulated EPP housing) is activated by the temperature controlled switch of the brine pump. A G4 filter is integrated into the unit, front and top door ensures easy access and maintenance.

Furthermore, the unit is designed to be used as LEFT and RIGHT versions, that can be achieved by changing position of the filter. By changing versions of the unit and direction of the airflow there are minor heating and cooling changes possible. To find out more about GHT visit their website at

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