Aspen Lodge

Aspen Lodge is a unique, eco-friendly classroom nestled in the forest on the Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (STS) country campus. The project brief was to design a classroom facility with an intimate connection to the outdoors, offering a completely different feel to the other spaces within the school. The goal was enhancing the integrated learning approach at the core of STS programming.


Combining complex construction with a simple, innovative building - beautifully connected to the outdoor environment

Completed in 2014, Aspen Lodge has since proven itself to be a well-loved learning facility among the children and is constantly in high demand. Offering an enriched learning experience, it is most commonly used for lectures, meetings, physical activities, and art classes.

Thoughtful design, meticulous construction, and careful material selection combine to create this landmark piece which exists in sync with nature for future generations to learn and be inspired.


Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass walls around its perimeter, the facility melds into the forest and provides an awesome visual experience. In warmer months, the walls can be effortlessly bi-folded to remove the barrier between outside and in - enhancing the connection to nature. In line with Tree Construction’s commitment to sustainability, Aspen Lodge utilizes recycled timber, evoking a sense of warmth and reciprocity with the natural surroundings. A clean and elegant wood stove amplifies the comfort and further adds to the ambience of this beautiful and unique learning space.

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