Bruce Lee once said, “Be like water”. Allowing form to follow function, the design for Cascada followed the form of water flowing down a slope. This sprawling effect can be seen with the cascade of floors and moving spaces, which simplifies the engineering and creates a home with wonderful cadence and rhythm.


A natural home with energy-saving solutions influenced by its surroundings

Building on a slope can be challenging, and complicated assemblies are expected. We chose to work with the land’s natural slope to reduce geotechnical requirements. Equally distributing the loads of the building over the slope influenced its overall design.

The focus for the project was to embrace natural finishes throughout, and to bring in light. The large format passive-certified window walls we were able to allow for significant illumination, which doubled as a heat source in the winter months. Capitalizing on large overhangs to double as shading elements in the summer, the owners were able to enjoy a private valley view in their covered patio space. The careful orientation of windows for views and privacy allowed a natural conversation from façade to architecture.

Thermal mass and positive solar gain in winter keep the space warm - even on the coldest of days


Building with better insulation, windows, and details makes for a high-performance house. Maintaining the integrity of the slope and working with this slope reduced our material consumption and need for heavy-lifting engineering solutions. Excavations and impact to the site were minimized, maintaining the integrity of the land and limiting our impact on the natural localized ecosystems. Passivity is always on the forefront of our decision-making process.

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