Casita de Montaña

Casita de Montaña low-energy building was built offsite in a climate-controlled shop, where we completed a full building in the middle of winter with minimal weather delays. This house features wall insulation levels and air-tightness to Passive House certifications, optimized passive solar gains, and a compact form which bring this little home to life. A creative loft increases the liveable space, and completes this home’s hard-working floorplan


Building a flat pack home to prove a concept for better quality in a controlled environment

Building in Revelstoke has its fair share of challenges: a temperate inland rainforest where the majority of the precipitation happens during the winter. Building through the winter has long been a problem and has costly effects on budgets, quality, and time. To overcome these hurdles, we built Casita de Montaña in a shop. Timber elements were pre-arranged, and a dedicated crew created the assemblies, wall connections, and finishes. Each wall was built with insulation, fabrics, and strapping ready for finish. This ensured a quick and efficient delivery and setup on site. In the short span of one week, our team was able to have the structure fully in place and begin finishing. This simple foresight into prefabrication and planning meant far less site maintenance, snow removal, and unnecessary labour. This method of construction not only avoided the obstacles created by our volatile winters, but also led to a higher construction quality and lessened impact on the client’s budget, our staff, and the natural environment.

Learning from this flatpack home gave us the careful insight to assemble this low-energy home. Exterior insulation and correct orientation result in a utility bills cheaper than a normal cell phone bills, and a very comfortable year-round indoor temperature. We removed the fireplace during the design phase, which was a difficult decision to make. A fireplace is redundant when a house is built to passive standards; even during some of the coldest nights, a comfortable temperature of 22˚C is maintained within the home. Without the need to play with thermostats or expensive mechanical features, more time can be spent with family, entertaining, and playing outside.

Living large and worry free: Casita de Montaña is built with the future in mind, and the present in check.


Casita de Montaña features M-Sora windows, continuous exterior insulation, and an air-tight layer. A compact form and southern exposed window facades optimize passive solar gain in the winter, and natural convection loops for summer cooling. The hardworking floor plan is intended for simple seasonal gear transitions and supporting active lifestyles. Crafting this home in a shop means fewer deliveries, less waste, and less labour. All of these factors contribute to a lower carbon footprint in production. Selecting simple finishes along with the small physical footprint (under 600 square feet, +200 for the attached garage) further reduced overall material consumption. This allowed us to achieve our goals for a conservative approach to sustainability for a thoughtful and holistic design.

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