Fjall Sól

Fjall Sól celebrates cutting edge design and construction, where every feature incorporates smart and efficient details extending far beyond what meets the eye. This is a home that not only performs well in a northern climate, but also functions and ages elegantly.


An ultra energy efficient duplex home designed and built for sustainability and conservation

Inspired by its rugged mountainous surroundings, this home embodies mid-century modern architecture with a Scandinavian interior. The main floor has an open concept floor plan, with a centrepiece wood-burning fireplace to encourage gatherings around the ambience of the fire. The cantilevers increase the floor space upstairs and their overhang shades the windows to keep the home cool in the mid-summer heat. Smart roof systems ensure excess snow sheds away from entryways, while also protecting the solar thermal panels. These panels are oriented southward for optimal sun exposure, while also being strategically placed to avoid snow collection in the winter. A buildup of snow on the solar panels would render them useless in the winter when they are most critical.

Fjall Sól is thoughtfully designed to minimize snow removal and create spaces that encourage gathering and entertaining, brings function and form together as one.


Drawing on the expertise of a 20-year efficient building veteran, a vast amount of time and attention was given to developing the ultra-efficient building envelope of this home. Combined with an effective vapour barrier and an over-insulated shell, Fjall Sól provides cool temperatures in the summer and an easy space to heat in the winter. The home was crafted using locally-sourced labour and materials, and (where applicable) was built with natural products - left open and naked for the eye to admire.

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