Salida del Sol

Using advanced techniques for building envelope design, climate models, and thermal comfort design, this home has been carefully designed to perform well in the specific microclimate in which it resides.


A home designed for Revelstoke

The bedrooms are separated to optimize privacy, with the master bedroom oriented to receive the early morning light coming from the east. A large southern window and glazed sliding door in the lounge room provide passive solar gains during the winter months and shoulder seasons, while the overhang of the eaves give shade during the summer heat. Operable windows have been carefully planned for cross ventilation, where a cross breeze will help cool the rooms during the summer and bring in fresh air during any season.

With thorough consideration given to wind patterns, daylighting, orientation, and glazing, Salida del Sol ‘opens the sunrise’ for its operation and its occupants.


The orientation of the windows has been carefully positioned for natural lighting and solar gain: minimal glazing towards the northern aspects, larger glazing towards the south, and operable windows positioned favourably to take advantage of prevailing wind directions. Optimizing the operational window layout allows for cross ventilation. This effectively creates natural convection loops, which assist with summer cooling. Living spaces are predominantly positioned to the south, and mechanical elements are to the north. This gives occupants the benefit of enjoying natural sunlight, while mechanical rooms provide a buffer to the northern exposed walls - further reducing the impact of harsh climate conditions on this aspect. To complete the ensemble, the garage has also been positioned towards the northern facade to provide another large buffer to outdoor climate fluctuations on a seasonal basis.

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