Veccio e Nuovo

With a demanding budget dictating the design, this project employed extensive use of an integrated design process to achieve a stunning result.


A poster child for beautiful & sustainable housing on an affordable budget

The process of designing and building with a budget goal is difficult. Often single decisions have collateral effects on the budget which can be detrimental to meeting the goal. Strategically designing for the site is one of the most important and overlooked principles in the design process. The floor plan follows a simple orientation of rooms and the windows have been carefully organized to adequately light interior spaces and take advantage of the stunning views of Mt. Begbie and Macpherson. Veccio e Nuovo met the challenge by adhering to a simple rectangular building envelope, investing in windows and insulation, and using repurposed material and smart design features.

Veccio e Nuovo lives large and fits like a well-tailored suit: not too big, nor too small. A classic that fits just right!


Another key factor in minimizing the footprint of this build was to ensure the dimension of the foundation matched the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system. This approach made the foundation labour lightning-fast, substantially reduced material costs, and eliminated waste. Using old materials cut to fit and finish out a new space proved to be a much more efficient use of funds than using new material to renovate an old space. This approach also accentuated the old patina of the material, bringing to life a rustic modern vernacular. The re-purposing of material through smart design and careful planning further reduced the amount of construction waste going to landfills.

The savings in using repurposed material and smart design features gave us the option to ‘re-invest’ into other elements or add options such as the covered porch and deck area in the back. This offers a place to take in a sunny morning, sit outside in the rain, or share barbecue nights with friends.

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