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Samkoma home




 As a series of ideas, Samkoma Home ties performance with comfort and elegance into a beautiful collection; a gathering. 

Within the context of two mountain ranges of Monashee and Selkirk, the Samkoma Home or ‘Gathering Home’ brings the composition of two separate buildings into a single piece.  The subtle notes of cedar and the cooler elements of the grey shingling mirror the mountain landscape of rock and snow.  The composition of a natural timber structure and the integrated shading elements further the allusion of this home, poised like a pearl, nestled deep in the valley, belonging to the forest.


Our approach to blend biophilia and human centric design really comes to life with playful splashes of colour, haptic patterns and the celebration of natural materials lending themselves to the Neo-Confucian philosophy of ‘Li’.  Li refers to the underlying reason and order of nature in its pure form.  We recognize the wood used - oak, cedar and fir - all belonging to our local forests. These woods differentiate from each other, but follow a pattern.  It is this subtle emphasis that invites and welcomes family and friends to gather and play in this home.


A Passive design brings this home to a new level in comfort and in health.  Having the highest indoor air-quality and an air-tightness close to 0.4 ACH ensures the occupants safety during the heat of summer, and maintains the air-quality through filtered air for added health protection.  The shading elements, while fully an architectural feature, have been carefully positioned in both angle and layout to protect the windows from the sun during the summer months, from equinox to equinox.


As a series of ideas, Samkoma Home ties performance, with comfort and elegance into a beautiful collection; a gathering.


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