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Your dream / our passion. 

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Planning: Composing schematic drawings based on the client's initial concepts, site information, and local bylaws. Working closely with our clients to gain an understanding of their desires and needs, both philosophical (how do you live?) and practical (how many bedrooms and bathrooms?).  We also inform every client about the Passive House standard and construction process.

Design Development: Decisions, decisions. Here the architect will collaborate with the client to finalize and specify a detailed site plan as well as floor plans, elevations and section drawings with full dimensions. The architect will also guide the project in the right direction to meet schedule and budget goals.

Construction Documents: Once all the decisions have been made we will produce a detailed set of architectural blueprints for construction. Our estimators will then create a comprehensive cost estimate and schedule forecast.

Realization: Our integrated design process provides a seamless transition from the first ideas to the final construction.

Concept: a.k.a. "Needs & Dreams". Our highly skilled interior designer will set up an initial design meeting that will include a detailed design brief and mood board to set the tone and create direction. 

Schematic Design: a.k.a "Foundations & Flows". Our team will review preliminary discussions to ensure the design meets standard building code practices and determine flow throughout your home.

Design Drawings: a.k.a "Decisions & Details". Exterior  and interior elevations come to life, kitchen and custom millwork layouts are compiled, lighting and electrical plans and finalized and floor, wall &  surface finishes are selected. 

Selections & Estimating: a.k.a "Envision & Execute". Product, material and fixture selections come together, detailed selection sheets are produced to coordinate with design drawings. Concept boards are created to illustrate how it will all come together. 

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RESIDENTiaL: Guided by a reverence for smart design and sustainability; Tree construction has been building custom homes for over a decade. Ten years later, we're proud to say we've become a leader in Passive residential construction in western Canada. 


Tree-built homes perform at the highest level — dependably and cost-effectively. Passive design is the gold standard in terms of energy-efficiency and indoor air-quality. Energy basically becomes a non-cost for the owner. We take the principle of sustainability to the interior as well, designing for well-being and comfort. The result is healthier living environments that last lifetimes. It's the only way we build and the only way that makes sense to us.

CommerciaL: Building Passive isn’t just for your home. The Passive approach is proving itself in the commercial realm as well. We’ve built Passive-certified for office, retail, and educational buildings. We want to encourage more Passive commercial developments because constructing a commercial space to Passive truly boosts the triple bottom line. It’s smart not only for the developer, but for the environment, the community, and for the health and comfort of your tenants.

PASSIVEPassive House is a building that is truly energy-efficient, comfortable, and affordable all at the same time. It is not a brand name, but a tried, tested, and true construction concept that can be applied by anyone, anywhere. The Passive standard designs buildings that are suited for all climates without requirement of massive mechanical systems, energy consumption, and related emissions. Within a passive home indoor air quality is pristine thanks to a well-ventilated system providing a steady supply of fresh, filtered air. Our baseline for every project is the Passive House standard -- the highest level available for both energy performance and indoor air quality .

SUSTAINABILITY: We believe a building should protect your family from external influences that may adversely affect their well-being and actively promote good health. See our catalogue of performance building products to protect your investment and safeguard your occupants.

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PRE-CONSTRUCTION: Before breaking ground, our team will secure the necessary permits, surveys, and engineering approvals and a detailed construction schedule will be created.

CONSTRUCTION: During construction our project manager will be on-site daily to oversee the entire project. They will ensure your home is clean, secure and on-schedule. The client receives weekly construction and budget updates from Tree.

POST-CONSTRUCTION: Upon completion, our clients receive, a new home binder outlining everything from material selections to backing locations throughout your home. All residential projects are covered by an industry-leading 10 year written warranty through Pacific Home Warranty. 

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