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Signature Series 

We've designed the perfect home, so you don't have to. 


Signature Series 

Consciously pre-designed homes for any stage of life and any type of lifestyle. Homes you can grow in, add to, or simply settle into. Designed to meet Passive House standards, these homes are energy efficient and affordable with energy savings of up to 90% compared to a typical residential construction. 

On the inside, you can enjoy a consistent, year-round temperature, so no unpleasant drafts, plus superior air quality. We've combined this with elements of Environmental Psychology and Biophilic Design to create homes that are designed to help reduce stress and improve overall health and wellbeing. 

Each model comes with options for interior & exterior finishes along with options to upgrade. Each finish option is catered to suit your individual personality.  

If a small house is exactly what you need, and a tiny home is just too small, our Signature Series is your answer. We're proud to offer options for smaller, more affordable living to suit your lifestyle. You can simplify your life with one of these healthy, quality-built, and thoughtfully designed homes. 

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The Arbol 

1000 SQ. FEET​




arbol cabin signature series

This compact yet spacious abode is comprised of 1000 SF of livable space. A loft bedroom, large bathroom along with an open kitchen and living area encompass everything you need to live the simple life.  We have carefully selected finishes and interior palettes to calm the senses.  Biophilic patterns and natural colour combinations bring a refreshing sensation to reduce stress and overall calming as a sanctuary or retreat. Whether this is your everyday home or your weekend retreat, this is truly a space to recharge.

Phase 3. The 2 Bed + Loft - A second floor with an additional bedroom and bathroom + a small loft

For the family with one kid or two

For the homeowner who loves to have company stay over

For the elderly parents moving in with their adult children

For the room rental opportunity.

Phase 4. The 2 Story - 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

For a family of many kids or guests or elderly parents.

960 SQ. FEET​





The Convert-Able

convert-able signature series

This is a home you can grow into. A home that provides you with all that you need right now and is designed to grow and change as you do. Start at any phase and 'add-in' additional spaces as needed with minimal work, cost and disruption compared to a typical home renovation. Or, choose your favourite and leave it at that.


Phase 1: The Bungalow - an 800 SF, 1 bedroom, 1 bath home with vaulted ceilings and large windows that create an open and airy atmosphere.

For the young, ambitions, first time home buyer with a future family in mind

For the couple or individual living the simple life

For retired or downsizing individuals.

Phase 2. The Loft - The Bungalow + 350 SF open loft

Additional Space for a home office, guest room, yoga studio or jam space.

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