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Sky Hejm



 Sky Hejm is poised like a magnificent statue, overlooking the beautiful Arrow Lakes, with bold lines and dramatic asymmetry. 

A certifiable Passive House nestles in with the clouds overlooking the beautiful Arrow Lakes circuit.  Poised like a magnificent statue, almost a sentient being, with bold lines and dramatic asymmetry. Sky Hjem or ‘Cloud Home’ is a home for work, a home for play, and a home for rest.


Like a sunbeam within the ol’ buttermilk sky, a bright yellow door is welcoming and inviting.  The colours and textures of the exterior bring a subdued, yet elegant expression to the architecture.  This composition required some nimble beam work, and skilled craftsmanship to maintain these lines.  The heavy lines of the architecture shield the home from the harsh environment to which it will stand, in its bold elegance for a century or more.


Quiet, comfortable and healthy continue to be the pillars for our interior spaces.  The human centric composition and focus on natural colours and textures resonate with the residents.  The simple spaces give the residents freedom to express themselves, to make the space feel like home, a forever home.  While the clouds continue to form and the sun blazes its way through, Sky Hjem will continue to shine, bringing that warm coziness season after season.


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